Study Finds Foods Labeled ‘Organic’ Seem Tastier; Parents Parade Their Foodie Tots


A recent study suggests that consumers thinks foods labeled “organic” are tastier, higher in fiber, and lower in fat and calories.
[LA Times]

Wendy’s is hoping its natural sea salt fries will take a bite out of McDonald’s market share. It reported that in a blind taste test, 56 percent of respondents chose them.

Chefs from New York are opening up shop in London these days, including Jean-Georges Vongerichten, who opened a Spice Market in the new W Leicester Square.
[Wall Street Journal]

Jamie Oliver pens a piece explaining why he thinks American schoolkids are flunking lunch. Some don’t even know honey comes from bees.
[Wall Street Journal]

For a bit of rock ‘n’ roll with your food, head to new spots like Rockography, Fredi Sandwich Bar, and Black Market.
[NY Post]

Food snobs are getting younger and younger. Parents of some three-year-old Nobu addicts think it’s cute.
[NY Post]

P.F. Chang’s has inked a deal to expand to Canada, with locations planned for Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, P.E.I., and Quebec in 2012.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

David Kim, the chief executive of Baja Fresh, is the latest to go on CBS’s Undercover Boss, following in the footsteps of CEOs from Subway and Hooters.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]