The Best New Gay Party in Town


It’s the Friday-night bash over at District 9 — I mean District 36 — the newish dance club that has a mural of my ageless face on the wall and which now will play host to my actual ageless personage once a week.

Magnetic promoters Tony Fornabaio and Brandon Voss have moved their Rockit party from Quo to this larger place (29 West 36th Street), and for the gala opening, they drew streams of cute twinks and gym types, a few glittery drag queens, several transsexuals, two lesbians, and Lance Bass.

That’s not exactly a cross section of the human race, but if you’re one of the above — especially a cute twink or gym type — I predict you’ll find it a gay old time.

I enjoyed it so much I can’t even remember being grabbed on the way in and made to stand on line for mandatory coat check and later getting tossed out of a table in favor of someone who was buying bottles!

Fun, fun, fun!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 11, 2011

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