Big French Plane Hits Small American Plane at JFK


On Monday night an Air France Airbus A380, the biggest passenger plane in use, knocked into a much smaller Comair CRJ 700 Regional Jet at John F. Kennedy International Airport, spinning the tiny thing almost 90-degrees, but injuring no one, NBC New York reports. A minor event when all was said and done, thankfully, but nonetheless terrifying to see gigantic death machines act out of turn at all. Reassuringly calm audio after the jump thanks to Animal New York.

The air traffic controllers can be heard speaking in all sorts of wacky code, but there’s no panic in anyone’s voice. “I understand he believes he hit the regional jet and I understand that they’re evacuating the regional jet,” someone explains in plain English and in a level tone.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 12, 2011


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