Brian Williams’ Brooklyn Jokes Have Jumped the Shark


Taxi TV is one of the worst things about New York City. It’s intrusive, loud, and never really that interesting. What’s the deal with that girl interviewing a random assortment of celebrities on her “stoop”? We’re not even so sure that’s her real stoop. There must be something to make Taxi TV better, though…maybe uber-wry NBC news anchor Brian Williams! We love seeing him pop up on SNL and make guest appearances on 30 Rock. He was hilarious cracking jokes about Brooklyn last year. Can he do it again?

Williams starts the video by giving a pretty decent tip to tourists. Taking the Staten Island Ferry truly is a really great free thing to do in New York — even for “real New Yorkers.” The views can’t be beat and nothing’s better than pounding a 20 oz. can of Foster’s on the 25 minute return trip to Manhattan. +1 for Williams.

Then comes the déjà vu. Williams heads back — pretty much exactly — into the routine he performed on Morning Joe about the New York Times newfound love for hipsters in December of 2010:

The strange thing is that he doesn’t even mention the Times here. There’s no acknowledgment that this is a recycled joke, and, with its sudden sitcom quality, sort of weird to boot. Maybe tourists won’t get this…but New Yorkers will. Lighting doesn’t strike twice, Taxi TV writers.

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 12, 2011

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