Donald Trump Buys a Winery; Potential ‘Drinking Gene’ Isolated


A small winemaking cooperative in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina is working with six Croats and a Serb to revive ancient regional wine traditions — and put the horrors of the Bosnian war to rest.

Francis Ford Coppola has lured rock-star winemaker Phillipe Bascaules from Château Margaux to breathe new life into his Napa winery.

Donald Trump has purchased the Kluge winery, but says he’s in it for the real estate and not so much the wine.

A primer on brandy de Jerez — Spanish brandy — reveals that the brandy is aged in sherry casks, at least three year for solera reserva and 10 for solera gran reserva.
[Washington Post]

A recent study may have isolated a “drinking gene” that appears to play a role in regulating how much alcohol people drink.
[Chicago Tribune via Alcademics]

A new group called Bourbon Women welcomes members of the fairer sex who share an affinity for Kentucky’s signature whiskey.

Joan Rivers says she spritzes her clothes and underarms with vodka and water to stay smelling fresh. Joan Rivers fresh.
[NY Post]

A Michigan toddler was fed a boozy margarita mix at an Applebee’s by accident. Apparently, it was mislabeled apple juice.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 12, 2011

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