Everyone Wants a Bite of Adam Rapoport


It’s official: As of yesterday, the new Bon Appétit is now on newsstands everywhere. To celebrate the occasion, Eater and Grub Street have dueling interviews with the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Adam Rapoport.

The strategy behind the new magazine, he tells both sites, was basically this: Make it look pretty, make it topical, make it relevant to “people who are going to Roberta’s,” but don’t alienate the 1.5 million subscribers who love their recipes. Both interviews leave the Gwyneth question unanswered, but do include lengthy discussion of the magazine’s possible future “evolution,” which will probably include some sort of TV show because, as Rapoport tells Eater, “if you’re a food magazine and you’re not involved in TV, there’s just no excuse.”

Food, he continues, “should always be about more than just food.” So true. But if Bon Appétit‘s facelift is any indication, it’s going to take some time before the question of how food magazines will balance the “food” part with the “more than” part will be resolved.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 12, 2011

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