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Kennedy Stalker Free, But Still ‘Loves’ Her


Naeem Ahmed pleaded guilty on Monday to stalking Caroline Kennedy’s 20-year-old daughter Tatiana Schlossberg, but only because a judge all but made him take the deal. Since 2008, he sent the young girl love letters and gifts. In jail since his arrest in December, a plea deal for a 60-day sentence had Ahmed out on the spot yesterday thanks to time served, with only three years probation and an order of protection for the Kennedys and Schlossbergs added. “This is the deal of the century,” a judge told him. “It doesn’t get better than this.” Prosecutors told the accused that the Schlossbergs wanted him to take the deal, so he did, though he would have preferred trial. “I respect that lady from the bottom of my heart,” the stalker told the judge, sounding really stalkery. “I still love her,” he said. “It is unconditional.” Even if he is legally allowed to say that, it is terrifying.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 12, 2011


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