New York to Get a (Never Been to) Space Shuttle


Last month we reported on the different museums and institutions vying to display America’s retired space shuttles. The Wall Street Journal reports that NASA is going to announce this afternoon that New York will soon be home to one of those fought-after shuttles. The Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum will soon feature Enterprise, a test shuttle that never made it into space. Congratulations, Intrepid, we’re test impressed and test excited for you.

Reports say that the Air and Space Museum in D.C. will get Discovery, while Atlantis will be housed at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. For the record, both those crafts have slipped the surly bounds of Earth and touched the face of God. Enterprise just piggybacked on a modified 747.

It could be worse: Houston, which was favored to get one of the space shuttles, looks to be shafted in the NASA sweepstakes. The Museum of Flight in Seattle reportedly started to build a $12 million wing to house a shuttle they’ll never get.

So be thankful, New Yorkers. Take your kids to Pier 38 on the Hudson. When they ask, “Daddy, has that shuttle ever been to space?” lie to them. Lie to their ignorant little faces. They’ll thank you later.

New York’s Intrepid to Display Space Shuttle [WSJ]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 12, 2011

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