A Delightfully Scatological Outtake from This Week’s Cover Story, Starring Donald Glover and Writing Partner DC Pierson


For this week’s cover story, Bill Jensen shadowed comedian/actor/emo rapper Donald Glover. For your enjoyment, we present this deleted scene.

Donald Glover is in Austin preparing to host the MTV Woodies–an “awards” show which is really just an excuse to gather a bunch of bands and to represent MTV at SXSW. Glover has brought the shaggy-haired Pierson to be his writing partner and help him with the script for the one-hour show.

Foo Fighters are performing soundcheck, and Tyler from Odd Future just picked up a guy in a chicken suit onstage and slammed him to the ground, possibly breaking his arm.

Glover has come back from hair and makeup, sporting skinny dress pants, a tight blue shirt, and a skinny blue tie. He heads to the bathroom inside his dressing room and shuts the door. His entourage–PR man Dan Wiener, manager Greg Walter, and college-pal-turned-writing-partner DC Pierson–begin to debate if MTV is going to feed them tonight.

Probably not.

Dan Wiener: “Pizza?”

DC Pierson: “Nah. [Pause] What about that sandwich place?”

Voice from inside the bathroom: “Sandwich place is dope.”

DC [at the bathroom]: “Is that a piece of shit talking?”

Voice from inside the bathroom: “Yes, flush me.”

DC: “When you get flushed, do you die?”

Voice from inside the bathroom: “Nah, you just chill.”

A flush is heard from the bathroom.

Voice from inside the bathroom: “Bye.”

Glover exits the bathroom with a smile, and the conversation somehow turns to perhaps the most epic of all nerd arguments: DC vs. Marvel (“Marvel is more human,” says Glover), then to the most recent important nerd debate–the finale to Lost. These guys are funny. They are charming. And they are fucking nerds.

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