Dutch Kills Begets an Artisanal Ice Company: Introducing Hundredweight Ice and Cocktails


Richard Boccato and Ian Present, owners along with Sasha Petraske of Dutch Kills in Long Island City, have partnered with longtime employee Zachary Gelnaw-Rubin to launch an artisanal ice company and cocktail consultancy adjacent to the bar called Hundredweight Ice and Cocktail Services.

Having installed Clinebell ice machines, like those Boccato had implemented at Weather Up in Tribeca, the three will saw, chisel, and sculpt crystal-clear ice cubes and other shapes for cocktail bars and special events. The machines work by being filled with water, which is then filtered using reverse osmosis, yielding 300-pound blocks of pristine ice. Ice shapes include the kind you find in great cocktail bars: spheres and diamonds for rocks glasses, highball spears. Hundredweight will also offer consultancy services for new and existing businesses wanting to upgrade their beverage and ice programs. So, yeah, it looks like there’s a new ice king in town.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 13, 2011

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