‘Miracle’ Cat Survives Being Shot in the Head With an Arrow


Adorable animals in trouble! A 3-year-old cat named Max who lives in Live Oak, near Santa Cruz, California, has somehow survived being shot in the head with an arrow. (Remember New York’s own Sticky the goose? R.I.P., Sticky.) Anyway, the good news is that Max is okay. Max is more than okay, Max is maybe sort of a miracle cat, and definitely sort of a badass cat.

According to Reuters, after being missing for two days, Max walked in the front door with an arrow sticking out of his head, all “Whatever guys” (The “Whatever guys” is us, not Reuters.) Back to Reuters:

“The cat was acting normally, eating normally. It almost looked like one of those fake arrows,” said Santa Cruz County Animal Services Manager Todd Stosuy.

The arrow, which apparently went in one side of Max’s brain and out the top, not hitting his brain, was removed by vets, and Max is fine, save for a hole in his ear. Authorities don’t yet have suspects in the shooting, though Max’s owners think it was a kid due to the type of arrow used. Max’s owners are now trying to turn him into an inside cat, except, we imagine, for the requisite appearances on the morning TV circuit.

“He’s a pretty scrappy little cat,” according to his owners. Check out photos here.

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 13, 2011

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