Move Over, Bears! It’s All About Pups Now!


Yes, a rising faction of the gay community is proving that all men are dogs by wearing masks and rolling around like cute little kinky pups.

Next Thursday April 21 at the long-running gay fetish club/emporium The Eagle (554 W. 28 Street), there’s Pup Night, a monthly event hosted by Mr. Eagle NYC 2011 CB Kirby.

The official description is as follows, my pets:

“This event is open to all pups, handlers, and spectators.

“It’s a great introduction to animal role-play as well as a fun way to get into domination/submission and control role play.

“There will be a fenced kennel for the pups to play/rough house with each other as well as puppy water dishes for them to use.”

Presumably there will also be a lamppost to pee on.

And I’m quite certain Betty White will drop by to check on the pups’ well being and give some of them away for proper adoption.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 13, 2011

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