The Next Food Network Stars? Not Quite.


Being the Next Food Network Star is kind of like being Top Chef, minus the chef aspect. But ultimately it can be much more lucrative than winning the $100,000 on the Bravo show, since it’s an opportunity to build a brand … or is it?

No question, Guy Fieri (Season 2) ranks as the show’s biggest success, and makes mad bank. However, as the program approaches its seventh season in June, it’s interesting to see just what the stars have actually accomplished post-show. Popsugar has a short slideshow of several contestants.

The Hardy Boys (Season 1) have a restaurant and catering business, but are hardly household names now; Amy Finley (Season 3) has a book, but the book is about how her marriage fell apart because her husband didn’t want to be married to a celebrity (though maybe being a book author is OK?); Aaron McCargo Jr. (Season 4) and Aarti Sequeira (Season 6) nabbed shows on the Food Network, but Saturday morning and Sunday time slots aren’t necessarily raking in the viewers; and Melissa d’Arabian (Season 5) moved to Washington and doesn’t appear to be up to much. So yeah … seems more like the next Food Network duds.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 13, 2011

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