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This Week in the Voice: The Talented Mr. Glover


This week in the Voice, Bill Jensen profiles Donald Glover, the rapper/comedian/writer/actor who happens to succeed at everything he does. Whether you know him as Donald Glover, Troy or Childish Gambino, he is a new kind of entertainer, “a regular black guy who likes the same stuff white people like — but just happens to be more talented than you.” He also works harder than you, touring, writing and performing until he throws up. So maybe you have the advantage there.

A decent barbecue joint in New York? Say it ain’t so! Robert Sietsema heads to Mable’s Smokehouse in Williamsburg to decide whether or not the Brooklyn eatery can buck the trend of city slickers knowing squat about ‘cue. How is it? “Well, it’s often great.”

Lauren Checkoway talks to Prodigy, the Mobb Deep MC who at the time had just one week left on his three-year-sentence at Mid-State Correctional Facility in Marcy, New York. But in Prodigy’s own words, “This ain’t home. This is just a little pit stop.”

J. Hoberman pays respect to Dziga Vertov, the Soviet filmmaker who “employed strategies of visual analogy and associative montage so intricate that they are still yet to be named.”

Theater critic Michael Feingold catches Catch Me If You Can, the Broadway remake of the Leonardo DiCaprio/Tom Hanks/ Steven Spielberg flick. Sometimes, he finds, remakes can be a little too faithful to the original.

Staying on The Great White Way, Michael Musto interviews Brian Bedford who is giving the “The best female performance on Broadway this year.”

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 13, 2011


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