Vodka Tampons Hit Germany!


America is always ahead of the trends.

Teens here have experimented with liquor-soaked “vodka tampons” for decades!

But now this inadvisable phenomenon is finally hitting Germany, maybe as retribution for past transgressions.

Kids are apparently dousing their Kotexes with Absolut and shoving it way up themselves so they can get high without having tell-tale liquor on their breath.

Intoxicating, right?

But what these pussies don’t seem to realize is:

(A) This practice can have a damaging effect on the vaginal walls, among other health risks, and it’s not recommended by doctors–or even by friends.

(B) One whiff of your vajayjay and you’ve still got liquor breath!

But here’s the really interesting twist on the whole thing.

According to this report, “Boys have also reportedly been using tampons anally.”

Hmm, what kind of boys? The kind that have the Kylie boxed set?


In any case, I pray I don’t start finding a multitude of underage kids running around New York clubs with top-shelf open bars up their orifices every night from 10 to 12.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 13, 2011

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