Announcing The 4Knots Music Festival, Taking Place This July 16


With the beginning of spring comes the announcement of summertime music festivals, and we have one of our very own: This July 16, the Village Voice will throw the inaugural 4Knots Music Festival on the South Street Seaport. Named after the speed at which the East River, which runs right by the Seaport, pulses along, the 4Knots Music Festival will be an all-day, all-ages show in downtown at the sweatiest peak of the season.You may have a few questions about this new development! After the jump, we attempt to answer them.

1. Who’s playing?
The full lineup will be announced in a few weeks.
2. Is the show still free?
Yes, the 4Knots Music Festival will be free to the public thanks to presenting sponsor Bud Light.
3. Twitter? Twitter? Is it on Twitter???
Why, yes!
4. What about Siren?
Siren had a fantastic 10-year run, but the 4 Knots Festival will replace it on the Voice’s summer-show docket. Embrace change!
5. What about [insert my question here]?
Feel free to pose a query in comments, and we’ll try to answer it best we can.