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It’s Poem in Your Pocket Day; North Korea to Indict American; Donald Trump Avoids ‘History’ Question; Dog Takes LIRR


• Today is New York City’s 9th annual Poem in Your Pocket day. This means you’re supposed to carry a poem in your pocket “to share with friends, family, classmates, and colleagues.” In honor of the day, the winners of Mayor Bloomberg’s “Poetweet” contest have been published in Metro. How twee. []

North Korea is preparing to indict an Korean-American man from Orange County, California, who was arrested last fall “in connection with illegal religious activities in the North,” according to the Yonhap news agency. North Korea’s state news agency says the man has already “admitted his crime.” [NYT]

• Donald Trump avoided answering a question about how many people there are in the House of Representatives (435) because, he said, “this isn’t a history class. You could get some stiff that knows every one of those answers, but is incapable of governing.” Or you could get Donald Trump. [NYP]

• There are people who got rich on BP’s oil spill in the Gulf. [WP/Pat’s Papers]

• A Long Island dog got on an LIRR train in Wyandanch earlier this week, and was found by train operators at the Farmingdale Railroad Station. Is he yours? Police are searching for his owner. [NBC NY]

• A British couple has discovered a jelly bean with “the face of Kate Middleton.” They plan to sell it for £500 on eBay. [Telegraph]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 14, 2011

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