Katharine Hepburn Felt Sorry for Marilyn


Four-time Oscar winner Katharine Hepburn had a public persona so different from her real self that she called it her Creature.

We all have one. In fact, I’m looking at photos of my Creature and getting aroused as we speak.

But Hepburn knew how to feed, groom, and tame her Creature whereas another screen icon, Marilyn Monroe, hadn’t the faintest idea.

According to Charlotte Chandler‘s new bio of Katie called I Know Where I’m Going, the actress said:

“I felt sorry for Marilyn. She let her Creature take over.

“She must have felt out of control of her own life and herself. Living at the whim of others always seemed unbearable to me.

“It must have been very difficult for her to face her middle thirties as a sex symbol. And she was also without the baby she wanted. She wasn’t looking forward, and looking forward is a big part of happiness.”

That Hepburn! She was some Creature!

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