McDonald’s Inspires Most Brand Loyalty Among Coffee Drinkers; Food Writers Can’t Stop Recounting Meals at El Bulli


A YouTube video gone viral suggests that sugar is toxic. Is our excessive consumption of sugar not only causing diabetes and obesity, but heart disease, hypertension, and many common cancers?
[NY Times]

McCafé customers are apparently more loyal to the Golden Arches than Starbucks patrons or Dunkin’ Donuts regulars are to those establishments.
[Wall Street Journal]

Most Americans don’t like liver — 89 percent of all liver produced in the U.S. is shipped overseas — and those who do like it are known to join liver-eating clubs.
[Wall Street Journal]

Martha Stewart skipped out on Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook launch dinner, attended by Jay-Z, Cameron Diaz, Michael Stipe, Jerry Seinfeld, and Chris Martin.
[NY Post]

El Bulli may be closing this summer, but there’s no end in sight to the IAAEBP: food writers’ obsession with writing “I Ate at El Bulli” pieces.

The Food Network and Cooking Channel’s 29 new shows premiering next season include Have Cake, Will Travel, about a roaming cake decorator, and Heat Seekers, about spicy food.
[Multichannel News]

The pork industry is the latest to jump on the pop-up bandwagon, opening a one-day restaurant on Park Avenue South devoted to porcine pleasures.
[NY Daily News]

Sandra Lee has enlisted a veteran of politics and state government to help her navigate her role as the governor’s lady friend.
[NY Times]

The West Harlem Community Supported Agriculture Group is a CSA that accepts food stamps for up to 40 percent of members.
[DNA Info]

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