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New York City Is Decent for People Watching, Says Travel Magazine


When you think of places to people-watch, you probably think…hmm, New York City! Right? Partly because maybe you live here, or have at least visited; partly because New York really does have the best people-watching. Travel and Leisure has now rated the best U.S.A. cities for people-watching, and, yep, New York is on the list. But it’s not number 1. It’s number 4. Clearly, we were robbed, which, if you’ve ever tried to people-watch in Savannah or Honolulu (numbers 2 and 3) you know full well. New Orleans, which got number 1, is, sure, pretty good in some parts of town. But it’s no New York City.

This explains the ranking a bit: The list was based on a survey of Travel and Leisure readers who ranked “35 cities in 54 categories –ranging from hotels and restaurants to the general vibe of the places, such as how clean they are, how safe they feel — and how fun it is to “take in the crazy.”

Of course, only one of those criteria is truly “people-watching.” (Safe? Clean?) And only one of those places has rat-mouth guy on the subway…or the other rat-mouth guy on the subway.

America’s Best Cities for People-Watching [T + L]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 14, 2011


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