The Most Common Ways Employers Try to Put Off Paying You


The New York Times ran something about this topic recently (and I do hope the author of the article got paid for it).

But I should jump in and give the most prevalent evasion techniques culled from my own horrid array of personal experiences.

Not related to this publication, mind you; it’s been deposit-liciously flawless.

I’m talking about various freelance jobs through the years, which have been as shady as a john who zips up and runs away without reaching for the billfold or even leaving a chocolate on the pillow.

The most common approaches are:

(5) “We never got an invoice.

No, you got 20 of them!

(4) “We got your invoice, but it wasn’t dated properly.

And you couldn’t have just filled in the date yourself? Are you that dumb? And do you think I’m that dumb? Don’t answer that.

(3) “The check is in the mail.”

Yeah, and you won’t come in my mouth.

(2) “We don’t know how much we owe you.

Well, why don’t you check the 20 invoices I sent! And fill in the dates while you’re at it.

And the most common evasion technique for (non-) payers is:

(1) Complete silence.

No answer whatsoever! Not even a peep!

Which is deeply offensive, but probably better than the shameless lying approach, no?

Answer and I’ll pay you.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 14, 2011

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