All My Children: My Favorite Characters


It’s been canceled!

I haven’t watched the show in about 25 years, but I still never thought this day would come any more than I expected stretch marks!

(One Life to Live, too! It’s the end of an era!)

But at least the horrifying termination has prompted me to snuggle up with memories of my favorite people who ran around Pine Valley back when soaps really flourished:

In ascending order, they are:

(3) Opal.

Dorothy Lyman — who originated the part — was a scream as this loquacious character with her fancy Glamorama salon.

It was like she had cannonballed from a Tennessee Williams play into a screwball comedy posing as a soap opera.

(2) Mrs. Lum

Eileen Herlie brought some down-to-the-gut British class to the show as this twinkly lady, though she could get just as down and dirty as everyone else, delightfully enough.

Whenever Lum was on and being mischievous, I was so riveted I stopped typing for a while.

(1) Erica Kane


The daytime bitch par excellence.

Susan Lucci was the high watermark of manicured nails and knowing how to use them.

She brought unquenchable glamour and witchery to a genre that sorely needed it.

Thank you, All My Children, for making me get over my prejudices about soaps and becoming your slave.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 15, 2011

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