Edible Selby Gives Us Pretty Pictures of Food People Doing Food Stuff


If the New York Post‘s occasional forays into the homes of chefs titillate you, then Todd Selby has your number. The photographer more commonly known as the Selby has launched Edible Selby, a website dedicated to photographing chefs and food-type people in their natural environments.

New Yorkers are well-represented on the site: The Saltie ladies work in their kitchen; Rockaway Taco’s Andrew Field ascends to a rooftop apiary; Annie Novak tends the crops, bees, and chickens of Eagle Street Rooftop Farm; Il Buco’s Ignacio Mattos shops at the farmers’ market; and the Mast brothers pose heroically among bags of cacao beans. There are also recipes, winsomely scrawled by the chefs themselves. It’s endlessly enticing and conducive to procrastination, and has taught us a few things, including:

– Chefs are prettier than you.
– Even quart containers and boxes of latex gloves look sexy when photographed in the right light.
– It’s always sunny in Tulum, Mexico.
– It is possible to farm in a dress.
– Food porn has evolved into chef porn. We have reached a point in culinary history where even half-empty sheet trays are documented with the same detail usually afforded to saintly relics, and dirty aprons verge on fetish objects. Edible Selby is sure to inspire a lot of panting, and may do as much to lure unsuspecting naïfs into the food profession as the Food Network. The implications of that are open to interpretation, but we can say with certainty that performing manual labor 12 hours a day has never looked so good.

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 15, 2011


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