Four Loko Ban Compared to 9/11 By Brooklyn ‘Hipster’


A protest album of sorts from a Brooklyn DJ is bound to piss off at least a few people now that it’s made the newspaper. The record’s cover art equates the banning of caffeinated alcoholic drinks with September 11 on its cover, as pictured to the right. The New York Daily News decided to give the local guy something of a pulpit for quite a played out ’cause’: he “wants the state to put the snap back in the alcopop,” along with every other punk on the internet. But this particular punk made his views clear in songs like “I Drink Four Loko in the Rain” and “Girl I Want to Buy You a Can of Four Loko Tonight.”

“I think it’s unfair the way that they’re singling out this drink,” said Anton Glamb, “part of the Bushwick hipster music group Radical Outing.” (Full disclosure: we have Facebook friends in common. Jesus Christ.)

You can download the guy’s album here or just judge him and his “radical” ideas silently in your own head.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 15, 2011


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