“How Would You Design a Better NYC?” Website Asks


Two organizations, the Institute for Urban Design and Project for Public Spaces, have joined forces to create a competition entitled “By the City, For the City.” Addressing the city’s need for public input and innovation, they’ve asked for your opinion on a seemingly trivial question: “How would you design a better New York City?” From now until April 30, they’ll collect the ideas in hopes of debuting them during the upcoming Urban Design Week.

Of course, the first question that comes to mind when entering the website is: “Who’s going to pay attention?” Their answer assures that everyone will be heard:

“Some of the most innovative architects and planners around! In May, we’ll rally the international design community to create proposals for many of your suggested sites and situations. Then we’ll gather everything together, publish an atlas of opportunity for the future for the city, and celebrate this collective civic vision at the first-ever Urban Design Week festival from September 15-20, 2011.”

Ideas collected so far include “less bars, froyo, ramen, and cupcake shops in the East Village,” “designated space for urban farming that would help to feed the residents of the community,” “a second story pedestrian walkway along the most congested commercial streets,” and “a bike share system.”

After users have submitted ideas, the website urges others to vote for the concepts they deem most interesting.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 15, 2011

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