Liz Taylor: ‘I’m No Easy Lay!’


A lot of people assumed Elizabeth Taylor was an easy catch seeing as she tended to marry everything that wasn’t nailed down, sometimes twice.

But Elizabeth had to set boundaries sometimes, like when she was hanging at Andy Warhol‘s rented European villa in the 1970s and went off to the library with a gentleman guest to try to call Richard Burton.

Liz had been feuding with Burton and felt he might answer the phone for the guy but not for her.

But it turned out the guy was no gentleman at all!

According to the just re-released book The Most Beautiful Woman in the World, when the screen goddess and the guest came back from their Ma Bell adventure, Liz was screeching, “I’m no easy lay!

“That motherfucker tried to put the make on me!

“I’m crying on his shoulder and he tried to grab me!”

Yeah, but at least he helped her with the phone call.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 15, 2011

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