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Michael Bloomberg Was an Asshole in 2009 Testimony


Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who we hung out with yesterday, has been revealed as something of a prick, at least on two particular days two years ago when he testified in a lawsuit brought against his Bloomberg L.P. media corporation. Reports about the testimony, which was released this month, two years after it happened, paint the mayor to be short-tempered and occasionally just mean. “Could we continue this via phone conference so that I can be back in my office, or do you believe that that’s not acceptable?” he asked. Even the measured New York Times calls Bloomberg “sarcastic” and “patronizing,” and refers to his “self-assuredness bordering on cockiness.” For example, he quipped to a lawyer who had just quoted from Bloomberg’s memoir, “Your reading is good.”

The lawsuit alleges that Bloomberg L.P. discriminated against women:

In one instance, Mr. Bloomberg was alleged to have said that if he allowed women to work part time for having children, men would ask to take time off to work on their golf games. Mr. Bloomberg was also sued in 1997 by a sales executive who claimed that after she became pregnant, he urged her to have an abortion, telling her, “Kill it!” Mr. Bloomberg adamantly denied any wrongdoing and settled the case out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Bloomberg testified twice, totaling about eight hours, and the parts that have since been released are part of the class action suit’s attempts to stop Bloomberg L.P. from getting the case dismissed.

“Around the world we treat everybody the same,” Bloomberg said. Poorly, it seems.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 15, 2011


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