New York City Welcomes 929, Yet Another Damn Area Code


Back in December we found out that another area code would be born into our fair city. Its name would be 929, and it would live in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, but not Manhattan, to be adopted by people in need of new service or lines. And now, the day is here, or very nearly here: 929 will officially debut tomorrow, joining friends 212, 718, 917, 646, and 347 in the business of being an area code.

As the New York Times City Room blog points out, 929 is the first palindromic area code for the city since 212, and it spells WAX. It also spells “YAZ,” which is the name of a birth control pill, and “YAW,” which is “the action of yawing,” so…take your pick.

Yay for YAZ/YAW/WAX/929. We hope you’ll be very happy here.

Say Hello to 929! [NYT]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 15, 2011

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