OMG! Dough Donuts


These donuts belong in an art museum.

Last Friday, when Rebecca Marx put up her Fat Pants Friday, the subject was the dulce de leche donut at Dough. The new donut factory is situated in an obscure corner of Clinton Hill or Bed-Stuy, depending on whom you talk to. The donut looked great, and I tucked it into the “to eat” file I have lodged in my brain.

A dozen or more donut varieties are available every day.

In the ensuing week I heard a half-dozen more raves, and this afternoon found myself sprinting over there with a friend and her nine-month-old toddler, trying to get to Dough before its 5 p.m. closing time. We slipped in the door with minutes to spare, and were relieved to see plenty of donuts left, with some being replenished as we watched.

The donuts are yeast-risen, but with a fine texture that may remind one of white wedding cake. The frostings are opulent, dribbly, and frankly unusual. The hibiscus frosting is bright red and tart, with dried red hibiscus flowers strewn across the top. Another donut is cheesecake flavored and strewn with graham-cracker crumbs.

I managed to try six on my first visit, which would have been impossible had the baby not been voracious when it comes to Dough donuts — apparently this was his third visit of the week. And now I’m counting the days till my next visit. Could donuts be the new cupcakes? We can only hope.

305 Franklin Avenue
Bed-Hill, Brooklyn

Afternoons, the place is a toddler magnet.

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My favorite, lemon poppy

Plain cinnamon and sugar are good, too.

Chocolate frosting with chocolate nibs

Maybe better to start out with the honey glazed, plain but rich

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