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Walter Breuning, World’s Oldest Man, Dies at 114


Walter Breuning died yesterday in Great Falls, Montana at the age of 114, making him the world’s oldest man. The AP reports that the former railroad worker identified eating only two meals a day as a key to his longevity. In related news, the world’s youngest person was just born.

To get an idea of the scope of his record-setting run, consider the following:

  • He was 20 when WWI ended.
  • He bought a plot of land for his first house for $15
  • His first car cost $150
  • He was in his 40’s during WWII
  • He retired from his job as a railroad clerk in 1967
  • He lived in a small retirement home since 1980

The world’s oldest person, Georgia’s Besse Cooper, is still alive. She is 26 days older than Walter Breuning

Walter Breuning, Sept. 21, 1896-April 14, 2011

World’s oldest man dies in Montana at 114 [AP]


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