London Candy Co. Debuts on the UES


The spacious storefront offers plenty of window seating — where you can perch and drink your Stumptown a good long time.

Is foreign candy the latest culinary frontier? The week before last we reported the opening of Sockerbit in the West Village, obsessively specializing in Swedish candy and attracting a ready-made constituency of Scandinavian confection lovers, heavy on the gummies and salty licorice. Now a new joint pops up — London Candy Co. — concentrating on British vernacular sweets, from chocolate candy bars in myriad configurations (with odd and aggressive names!) to the gummy apparitions, both human and animal, that are beloved of U.K.’ers.

Would you like a Picnic or a Drifter? Hey, wait! Don’t drifters always commit murders?

Indeed, there’s no better way to understand the difference between the American and the British attitude toward candy than to stroll into this store, with all its off-the-wall candy names: Curlywurly, Snack, Lion, Power Pencils, Picnic, Wispa Duo, Boost, Brunch Bar, Licorice Cream Rock, and Randoms. Clearly, the Brits see an exploding world of possibilities in candy bars, while American candy makers continue to merchandise a hidebound catalog of mainly historical forms.

Anyway, following is a collection of snapshots from the newly opened London Candy Co. Definitely worth a visit and a chill place to hang during the day. Horlicks and Ovaltine presented coffee-bar-style.

London Candy Co.
1442 Lexington Avenue

Eating human baby gummies? I don’t think so!

With Easter approaching, one counter specializes in permutations of Cadbury Eggs. (Click on image to enlarge.)

A number of arcane gummies are available in discreet plastic baggies.

Hard to imagine quite what these are.

Whew! Curlywurlys!

Not one, but six different delicious versions of Kit Kat

Kids love this place …

… and so do their moms.

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