Atlantic City Finally Gets a Gay Bar!


Yes, the glitzy Jersey resort town of Atlantic City does have a gay bar, if you look around and survey the entire region.

The West Side Club — which I love — exudes a sort of raw appeal in the heart of a not-great neighborhood that’s a seven-minute drive away. (I’ve counted.)

But I’ve never known of a gay bar to actually spring up in a casino.

They’ve long had every kind of boite except something for LGBTS, and it always seemed weirdly exclusive (much like the equally daft Las Vegas), especially for what are designed as all-encompassing temples of hedonism.

Sure, there have been one-shot gay bashes and queer weekends in the last several years, but the big bucks people were always either too skittish to go full-throttle gay, or they just didn’t think the lavender money would support it.

But this May, I hear, Resorts is opening a gay club!

And it’ll be gay every night!

And the hotel will even have a gay floor!

Let’s all go and make it less of a gamble.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 18, 2011

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