It’s Monday, And Already Many Record Store Day Items Have Been Resold On eBay


The “Hallmark holiday for music nerds” festivities of Record Store Day are a little less than 36 hours past, and as predicted, the speculators and collectors were out in full force on Saturday. And some of them are already seeing returns on their waiting-in-line investments! eBay’s search engine turns up quite a few completed listings with “RSD” in their title, with surely more lurking under misspellings like “RDS” or dispensing with the branding altogether. The spendiest item so far? The limited-to-500-copies Ed Banger Bee Sides box set, a five-disc set of one-sided etched 7-inches that has a Justice demo and four other tracks that went for £497 (which comes out to about $810.36 on our side of the pond–and that’s before shipping).

Much of the RSD-related strife streaking across my Twitter feed from midnight ET on Saturday involved futile attempts to acquire the reissue of Big Star’s Third; 2,000 copies of the box set were manufactured, and 1 of every 300 would contain the equivalent of a golden ticket–actual test pressings from the beloved powerpop band. Well, this guy has it for $53 as of now, which seems like something of a steal given that two copies have already been snapped up for $200 a pop. (Other artists with items that crossed the double-Franklin threshold: Hank Williams III, Flaming Lips, Metallica, Fleetwood Mac, Joan Jett. The cheapest item to be sold so far? This Bad Brains 7-inch, which went for the could-have-been-retail price of $6.99.)

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 18, 2011

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