New York Serial Killer Spawns Music Video: Brent City Mafia’s “Ocean Parkway”


It’s not that current events shouldn’t be fodder for art, even when the news is at its most horrifying, like the potential serial killer murdering women on Long Island. But Brent City Mafia, a Long Island rap crew with 8 subscribers on YouTube as of this evening and no website we could find, made a few mistakes with their serial killer-inspired clip titled “Ocean Parkway,” named for the road near Gilgo Beach and Jones Beach where ten bodies have been found. First, it’s artless — crass and shocking just for bullshit’s sake, with laughable lyrics and a cheap, cacophonous beat. But secondly, they deleted the video just a day after it was uploaded to YouTube, presumably as a result of online outrage. Silly dudes: nothing disappears on the internet. Hit the jump for a photo tour of the offensively bad music video.

“You better take this video off [sic] her or you will have the biggest lawsuit ever. I have my attorney on this already,” reads one comments on the boys’ YouTube page from about 5 p.m. Animal New York posted the “Ocean Parkway” clip earlier on Monday afternoon, after coming across it on a new website as insensitive as the video,

But by the time we went to embed it on Runnin’ Scared, it was gone. It’s unclear if the above comment spooked them, if sensitivity got the better of them or if mom was really mad, but we’ve sent the group a message requesting an explanation.

Luckily, thanks to the magic of Firefox browser tabs, we were able to watch the video anyway, after it was deleted, and though we’ll stop short of ripping the audio and video to share, we will provide the following tour through the artistic minds of the Brent City Mafia.

First, we’ll set the scene: the first of three rappers’ flow is approximately Andy Samberg circa “Lazy Sunday,” but the beat throughout is much more ominous. It doesn’t get much better musically from there. Sample lyrics include: “100 yard dash/ none of y’all pass,” “Had to ditch the white girl ’cause I can’t trust her,” and “Start a riot like rebels in Libya.”

Our favorite though, is this couplet, which we’ve transcribed to the best of our ability: “The name’s Creepy Mark (?), though I’m not creepy/ I just want your girlfriend to touch my pee pee.”

And here’s the accompanying imagery:

Anyway, you get the idea! Look out for these guys on iTunes soon.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 18, 2011

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