Scientists Successfully Teleport Data in Light Form


A team of scientists from Japan and Australia have transported data in light form, Engadget reports. Before you get excited and start packing for any future, instantaneous Hawaiian vacations, keep in mind that it was a complex set of quantum data that was teleported, not a person. Researchers hope this will be a watershed moment in “secure, high-speed quantum communication.”

Successfully breaking down data and reconstructing it at another location without it becoming damaged or altered is just the first step towards ridiculously fast quantum computing. (Yes, you are allowed to get excited about how this will revolutionize the way you obtain and watch porn.)

This is fun and exciting, but discretion and care must be exercised when it comes to teleportation. We all know how this ends.

First light wave quantum teleportation achieved, opens door to ultra fast data transmission

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 18, 2011

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