Man Loses Weight by Living in Mall for 30 Days, Now Returning to Wild Suburbia


Scott Jorgenson, a Minneapolis man, has completed a 30-day stint of living inside The Mall of America. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t get to spend his days browsing the black-light posters and fart machines at Spencer’s Gifts — he lived inside a glass box and learned how to eat and live better. Over the 30 days, Scott spent time with nutritionists and fitness experts while mall-goers looked on in jealousy at the man who got to live near the smell of a Nestle Toll House store. Scott ended up losing 29 pounds, with his cholesterol dropping from 260 to 150, his triglycerides going down from 187 to 142, and blood pressure lessening 10 points. We are extremely jealous of Scott and his mall adventure.

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota started this “do” campaign in order to get Minnesotans to do more than just going to a mall. Their Facebook page has more than 1,500 fans who wrote, “I do too” on their walls. How festive! Go, Minnesotans, go!

Living in a mall would be one of the greatest things of all time. Just imagine sleeping in between an Orange Julius and a Wok and Roll — try not to smile your face off! There would always be “friends” hanging out at your “house” to keep you company. Lunch would always be free — chicken teriyaki samples in the food court! You’d always leave the place smelling great thanks to the Macy’s perfume ladies spraying you on your way out the door.

Scott had a really great time doing this, if his tearful-goodbye video is any indication. It’s like a mini-episode of The Biggest Loser.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 19, 2011


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