New York

Robin Williams Is Allowed to Ride His Bike on the Sidewalk Because He’s Famous


Robin Williams told the cast of The View this morning that he, too, has been a victim of the NYPD’s crackdown on biking infractions this year, having been pulled over by the police for riding on a New York City sidewalk. We’ve seen before where the combination of jokes and sidewalk riding can get you, but things are probably different when you’re a famous white male! “[I was dressed] like a terrorist or a crack dealer, your call. No one was on the sidewalk, and all of a sudden woop-woop,” explained Williams, but he admitted his privilege, saying that as soon as the cops realized who he was, they let him go with a warning. Our other friends who didn’t star in Patch Adams, if you’ll remember, were not so lucky. [NYP]

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