Today in El Diario: Latinos as Confused by Donald Trump’s Bullshit As Everyone Else


Donald Trump’s politics woos some Latinos

Donald Trump’s flirtation with politics has generated a wide variety of reactions in the Latino community, according to the Spanish-language daily. Some are seriously considering the Miss Universe magnate’s bid for presidency, while others think that “The Apprentice” star should not be taken seriously, the paper reports.

For Ruben Estrada, president of the National Hispanic Republican Assembly of Orange County, the presidential hopeful has given the impression that he’s more a public relations strategist than a real politician.

“The only thing that is clear is that Trump is a capitalist,” Estrada told the paper. “Maybe his business knowledge could be useful in areas like the budget.”

It’s unclear what Trump’s position is on immigration. But Estrada emphasized that immigration is not the only nor the most important problem facing Hispanics.

Estrada told the newspaper that there are other Republican candidates for the job, such as Mitt Romney, who was also a businessman who had close relations with Latinos.

Ana Maria Archila, who works as co-director of “Make the Road New York,” an advocacy group, told the newspaper that Trump’s claim to fame is that he’s famous, and that he doesn’t have any actual political experience.

For Archila, Trump can get publicity because he’s well known, but she doesn’t think that his candidacy is serious.

Dalia Mosquera told the Spanish-language newspaper that Trump “knows more about business than politics” and wouldn’t vote for him because of it. Adelina Prieto agreed with Mosquera. She also doesn’t think that any other candidate could do better, either.

But Oscar Raeda, who is a staunch Republican, told El Diario that he would vote for Trump because “he’s a businessman and knows how to sell everything, including himself.”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 19, 2011


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