Carrie Prejean Update! Another Lawsuit!


Remember the Miss USA runner-up Carrie Prejean, who Bible thumped her way to an anti-gay marriage stance, which seemed strange considering she had gotten biblical with herself for various photos and videos that seemed extremely unholy when they surfaced for the frothing masses?

Carrie was promptly deprived of her Miss California crown, which was followed by a mess of juicy lawsuits and countersuits.

Well, outside Sister Act last night, a guy approached me and said,

“Hi, Michael, I’m Keith Lewis from the Miss California USA pageant.”

“Oh, you’re the one who ripped the crown off Carrie,” I noted, grinning. “Congrats!”

“Well, now we’re being sued by NOM,” he informed me, meaning the National Organization for Marriage group that Carrie had been a spokesperson for.

The suit has something to do with NOM accusing the pageant of releasing damaging (i.e. true) info about Carrie, as opposed to the press having dug it up by itself.

“Huh?” I screeched. “NOM is suing you? But NOM fired Carrie too!”

“Well” said Lewis, “nowadays people can do just about anything.”

Except run for beauty queen with any kind of consistent behavioral attitudes!