Is It Time to Give Gwyneth Paltrow a Break? (Sure. If She’ll Give Us One.)


In case you haven’t gotten your fill of Gwyneth Paltrow yet, you can read all about her in this week’s New Yorker, as she gets the “Talk of the Town” treatment.

Writer Lizzie Widdicombe gets an invite to the cookbook launch party the actress-turned-singer-turned-food celebrity threw herself recently. Of course, it’s all too easy to make fun of/want to kill the multitalented star these days, especially for daring to be a stick-thin towering blonde beauty who cooks! And eats! But Paltrow says that while the food facet of her life might be news to us, it isn’t to her loved ones. She tells The New Yorker:

“I’ve been the cook amongst my family and friends for years. … That’s why I wrote the book. Because my friends are, like, ‘How do you make that? I want your chili recipe!'”

Her famous friends back her up. Including Mario Batali:

“She eats like a truck driver. … [In Spain, I remember] watching her eat an entire pan of paella as big as a manhole cover.”

And Christy Turlington:

“We are lucky in that we have been the recipients of many meals with Gwyneth Paltrow.”

So, is it time to lay off the star about her epicurean inclinations? Perhaps. But can she at least please stop singing? Last night’s episode of Glee suggests no. (Yep, they’ve left it wide open for her role as a sexed-up substitute teacher to keep on recurring.)

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 20, 2011

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