NYC Garbage Man Continues in Grand Traditions of Drinking, Driving Badly


Oops! In things that are not good in a way that makes taxpayers angry, a Sanitation worker was arrested for drunk driving after smashing his garbage truck into a Hyundai Elantra on Bushwick Avenue at Grand Street, reports the Daily News. Sebastiano Tritto, a driver of 7 years, was given a Breathalyzer and failed. The driver and passenger of the car were taken to hospitals and are, luckily, in stable condition.

As the L Magazine points out, Daily News commenters have piled on Tritto, mostly because he’s a Sanitation worker, not known for good driving (or snowplowing) in the first place. Despite those cushy, salaried garbage gigs.

Well, at least they weren’t drunk. Or were they?

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