Savoy, Say It Ain’t So: Locavore Pioneer to Close After 20 Years


Peter Hoffman has just sent word that he plans to close Savoy, his trailblazing market-driven restaurant in Soho, on June 18 after more than two decades in business. He says he’ll open a new restaurant in the same space later this year.

Hoffman writes, “I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity this restaurant has afforded me to feed people the food to which I feel most connected, to develop wonderful friendships with customers and fellow chefs, and to explore the educational side of many culinary subjects. To everything there is a season, especially restaurants, and I look forward to introducing customers to the next one that will occupy this space. I’m not giving up my corner on Prince and Crosby; I’m just giving us a new canvas upon which to work.”

Savoy was doing the locavore thing long before the (annoying) term was even coined. Although his restaurant will be sorely missed, we look forward to what he’ll do next with the space. Perhaps he’s got a whole new culinary movement up his sleeve.