With Monument Lane, Greenwich Avenue Goes Colonial


When Monument Lane opens this Friday, it will evoke both the Colonial Era and the very modern New York culinary era.

The restaurant, which is the project of Josh Früm and executive chef Brian Murphy, references the Colonial Era name for Greenwich Avenue, where the restaurant is located. It follows that the place is modeled on a tavern, and features such au fait touches as tables made from reclaimed doors, a bar made from really old wood, and a pull-chain toilet in the loo. There are also built-in pews, presumably for worshipping at the altar of the local, seasonal American cuisine the restaurant serves.

You can take a look at the menu here; it includes appetizers like fava bean and spring onion toast, and duck confit and dandelion greens; entrées such as meatloaf, sherry-glazed squab, and grass-fed rib eye, and old-fashioned desserts. There’s also a raw bar, as well as an actual bar serving classically inspired cocktails and, naturally, craft beer.

Monument Lane
103 Greenwich Avenue