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It’s National High-Five Day. Here Are Our Best and Worst High-Five Moments.


Did you know that it’s National High-Five Day today? Have you high-fived your children/coworkers/friends/enemies/bosses/strangers? Have you recounted your favorite high-five moments, like the time you high-fived that dog on the street, and it was either totally bad-ass or the dog bit you on the palm and you had to go to the hospital and get rabies shots? Well, we have. This is partly because it took us a long time to accept high-fives (why do people high-five, anyway?), but now that we have, we have embraced them fully, high-fiving them with both our hands and our hearts. Here are Runnin’ Scared’s most monumental high-five moments. We’ve left them anonymous, as it seemed for the best.

Oh, God, there are so many! Most awkward would be at the end of a first date when dude reached his arm up to give me a hug and I misinterpreted the arm lift as a high-five and then wound up just hitting him in the shoulder with my hand. We didn’t go out again.

One time a friend of mine was on the verge of tears after getting dumped by his girlfriend at a stoplight dance (single people wear green, “it’s complicated” people wear yellow, and the “taken” wear red). We quickly went back to his apartment, which was close by, and changed him into a green shirt. Everyone saw him in green and was shocked. We turned to each other and high-fived. It was a fine moment in bro history.

My high-five experience was really a fist-bump. I thought that [redacted] was trying to fist-bump me, so I went ahead and fist-bumped her. But really she was just reaching for her wine glass.

I high-fived Bruce Willis at the Amsterdam premier of Over the Hedge. This was a big deal because he is a huge inspiration to me and my favorite harmonica player. I haven’t washed my hand since! (I have.)

My favorite was definitely graduation. I was walking down the aisle on the way to get my diploma, and my buddy was on his way back with his, and we just reached up and high-fived perfectly, no pauses, no words. We just knew it had to happen and it was one of those good ones where the palms make that air pocket and you get that really good “thwack” sound.

Like anything in life, some high-fives are just perfect, and some should never be spoken of again. Happy High-Five Day. Do it with someone you love.

Here is a baby, a dog, and a high-five. Magic.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 21, 2011


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