The FDNY Fireman Calendar Is Now for Sale


We’d say that the Official 2011/2012 Calendar of Heroes featuring FDNY firefighters, which sells for a mere $15.95 for 16 whole months, is a bargain at twice the price, but we simply can’t stop staring at that man’s perfectly rakish eyebrows! All proceeds go to the FDNY Foundation, which means you can feel virtuous while gazing at the handsome young fellows with the big muscles scantily clad in fire-gear. Or maybe you just like fire trucks. Anyways. Good for you, good for New York City.

According to Gothamist, our cover guy is Firefighter Charles Mollica, who is also Mr. December. “He’s 33, works at Ladder 79 on Staten Island, and has been with the FDNY for four years.”

The official calendar was discontinued in 2008 but brought back to life this year, so you should feel especially grateful.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 21, 2011

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