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Theodora Richards Gets Community Service For Graffiti, Pills, Weed


Theodora Richards, model daughter of the Rolling Stones’ Keith, followed in the footsteps of every famous offspring ever by looking really stylish in court as she was barely punished for a decadent, albeit victimless (and sort of cute!) crime. The 25-year-old (now 26) was caught scribbling a tiny heart holding the letters “T” and “A” — for her name and her sister Alexandra’s — on the wall of St. Anthony’s convent in Soho last month. She had marijuana and prescription pills in her purse because duh. Today, she agreed to complete two days of community service and participate in a voluntary drug program for a “conditional discharge.” Her attorney made a funny, insisting, “She’s a nice young girl. She’s clean as snow.” Blonde, famous, model, cocaine. [DNAinfo]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 21, 2011


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