Today’s Whole Foods Special: Pears, False Advertising


Earlier this afternoon, while wasting time in the produce aisle of the Union Square Whole Foods, we came across some pears.

There were organic Bosc pears advertised as “grown in Argentina,” and Seckel pears that another sign informed us were grown in New Zealand. And then there were yet more Bosc pears stacked under a sign that read both “organic” and “grown in Washington.”

How nice, we thought, to see that Whole Foods actually had some pears that weren’t hauled across the planet. True, they were hauled across the country, but at least they were organic, and we figured that would go some way toward averting our descent to locavore hell. So we picked one up. And then we saw this:

We thought maybe it had fallen in from the “grown in Argentina” bin, but every other “grown in Washington” pear carried the same Argentina sticker.

We’ve come to expect misleading and contradictory messages at Whole Foods’ seafood counter, and have long taken for granted the company’s greenwashing practices, but this is so egregious that it’s almost more embarrassing than enraging. Come on, guys, get your story straight. Or at least pull your pants back up.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 21, 2011

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