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Awesome 10-Year-Old Girl Tells Off Boys, Awesomely


Jezebel posted “A Ten-Year-Old’s Rant to “Boys Around the World,” and it is just excellent. Eliza Sayers, the girl who wrote the letter after reading a Mini Boden magazine in which boys answered the question “What is the biggest difference between boys and girls?” in totally unoriginal “stereotypical” fashion — girls wear pink! Girls like dolls and nail polish! Boys like soccer balls and blue! — says it better than people many times her age.

From her letter…

#1 Hey I’m a Girl, and I HATE dolls! I also hate Barbies, pink, my little ponies, and glitter is okay I guess. But I don’t love it like boys think all girls do. But that’s just my opinion. Well let me give you a quick lesson. Not all Girls like prissy stuff including me…Give it a ponder.

#2 Like I said I HATE pink. I despise it. HACK See I spat on it. That’s how much I hate pink. Hey guess what Stefano, age 7, I wear blue, green, orange, and white about everyday like every other kid in America ( and for this kid in Sweden). I like just about every other color in the rainbow. Except for Pink ( the color not the singer). and purple. So Stefano, I think you have learned an important fact that not all Girls like pink.

#3 For one thing though I do like nail polish, but not just Boys like soccer. For example my friend Heidi is a master soccer player. You mess with her, she kicks you in the shins, or maybe just trips you on the field. Seriously I think you should stay away. For reals.

And finally #4 Okay one thing is that I could beat many boys in a wrestling competition that is up to my grade. Like at lunch today, I was an arm wrestling my friend that happens to be a boy. I beat him. Finally I took my hand off , because I knew he had enough. And also Jillian Michaels, or at least I think it is Jillian Michaels, she’s really strong. Probably the strongest woman I’ve ever heard of. So Asha, 8, give it a ponder.

Awesome sauce. This should be required reading in all classrooms. And most offices, where, we would only add: Not all of us want to snag a husband ASAP, “settle down” and have babies, wear Manolos, go shopping, eat like birds, and gossip with our girlfriends at slumber parties while doing each others’ toenails. Nor are we made of sugar and spice and everything nice anymore than we’re made of potato flakes. And, for the record, we prefer French fries to cupcakes.

Read the full letter here.

A Ten-Year-Old’s Rant To “Boys Around The World” [Jezebel]

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