Celebs Who’ve Refused to Be Interviewed by Me


Whether they’re afraid or simply dismissive, certain big names — or at least their handlers — have unceremoniously denied my requests to chat with them through the years.

The glittery dishonor roll is as follows:

LL Cool J. And I only asked because it was a slow news week.

Betty White. Well, she’s busier than most 89-year-olds.

Idina Menzel. And I even wrote that she should star in Funny Girl!

Kristen Wiig. Has she gotten too biig?

Martin Scorsese. Kept saying, “Hi, Michael” and running away.

Anthony Hopkins. Talked to me once at a premiere, over a nice Chianti, but never again.

Steve Coogan. Same thing. And he was pitched to me!

Michael C. Hall. They said he couldn’t possibly do a sit-down, just a quickie at his event. I declined.

Carey Mulligan Ditto. No, thanks.

Matthew Settle. He’s on Gossip Girl, I think. They pitched me. I said OK. They then said, “Sorry, he’s away.” Two nights later, I saw him in New York!

Harvey Levin The TMZ guy. Denying a gossip sister a few minutes! Must not want to reveal trade secrets.

Charlotte Gainsbourg. Who?

But let’s not focus on the scaredy-cats.

The yesses have included Lady Gaga, Jane Lynch, Chelsea Handler…and on and on.

I’m winning!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 22, 2011

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