NYPD Ticket-Fixing Scandal: Bloomberg Says There’s Nothing to See Here


Mayor Michael Bloomberg said today on the radio that yes, “there seems to be a lot of evidence” that the NYPD fixed tickets for friends, family and important people, as is being investigated currently by a grand jury in the Bronx. As many as 40 officers could be implicated with many more facing “administrative discipline.” But Bloomberg assured everyone that since the NYPD switched to a digital ticketing system, the problem has already been, er, fixed. Wasn’t he just complaining about the city being robbed of its rightful dollars? The NYPD also says it’s no big deal. Curious! Meanwhile, the Associated Press is reporting that it was far from just intimate relationships enjoying the benefits of friendly cops, but that “high-ranking city officials” and even a New York Yankees official had their infractions “taken care of.”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 22, 2011

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